The main piece of Sci-fi/Speculative fiction I'm currently working on is going under the the working title Auxilary Mission Parameters or A.M.P. and almost all of the other works take place in the same universe. Three in particular that have a common throughline are Warmind, Taskkill, and Change (in progress) all of which edal with the Argus AI

Auxilary Mission Parameters

this is a copy of the working file so there may be formatting issues, incorrectly labled chapters, and notes in the margins.


A quick short story that begins the argus arc.


A second quick story looking in on the events transpiring as Argus proliferates.


A short story (still a work in progress) hopefully a conclusion to the Argus trilogy.


The earliest story in the timeline, Alex Ducote invents the E.M. Shiel allowing for lighter materials to be used in space ship construction, revolutionaizing space flight.


Delivering much needed suplies during a storm, Fionna learns exatcly what Westwatch was researching out in the remote plains of Juipiter


A miner experiences violent decompression.


A lone scientist watches from an observation platform as the star they're orbiting goes supernova.


A man trying to hide from the blowback of a petty crime steals a relic and becomes the most wanted man in the system. (mostly concept and outline )


The crew of a smuggling vessel must unload their biggest score yet and lay low while the heat dies down (concept and outline, some dialogue)


A man is haunted by the memories of what he did to end up here.