My name is Kyle Powers, but online I go by Sege Marl.
I'm a security guard who spent four years and thosands of dollars going to school for art.
I specialized in digital art and web design, I hope you like my hand coded website by the way, but I have always had a soft spot for putting pen to paper and sketching.
That's what this website is in celebration of, if you want to see my more professional work its all hosted on my other site .
I also host snippets of my writing over there in the writing section. Theres a couple of short stories and the first chapter of the sci-fi novel I'm working on.

The charachter I use as an avatar everywhere is Sege, you might call him my fursona and you wouldn't necessarily be wrong, but I don't really like the title any more. Anyway, Sege came in into existance back in 2011ish when I made a custom race for a D&D 3.5 ed game that my friends and I never ended up playing passed the first session and I like the charachter so much I just kept using him until one day I realized, "shit, this is my fursona now" and the rest is history.
His name, Sege Marl, is actually an anagram of my favorite Pokemon, Smeargle.
Because over the years I've had like five people pronounce it corectly I used to write it Sêgé (Seh-Gee) but hitting alt+234 and alt=233 got annoying so I just accepted that no one would pronouce it corectly.