Smoking Bird, or Gardner Detective Agency is a webcomic I oficially started in March of 2022.
Its a story about Cole Gardner, a private investigator living in NeoFēngcháo, a fictional Megacity similar to Kowloon Walled City in China, with ties to local Triad in control of the city.
I'll mostly be posting the comic pages straight to the tumblr and not adding them to the Sketchbook Gallery because it's both time consuming enough working on the comic, and each page features 5 panels, some of which are animated, anf some of which need like 4-5 sketches worth of charachters that I photoshop into the page.
I may once I'm finished chapter 1 make a hude dummof all off the un-edited assets in the Gallery, but who knows.

Anyway here's a look at page, you can read it over on, and feel free to send me a message on the page in the Missing Persons tab if you have a characher you want cameoed!
The comic I now also hosted Here if you don't want to read it on tumblr.