Ref Sheets and art for my Sona Sege Marl.

Name: Sege Marl

Species: Misc. Canine

Description: Sege is a 5′10″ tall male canine, he has light grey with dark grey stripes along his back running from neck to tail, similar markings are also present on his ears and muzzle. He has Green eyes and medium length brown hair that is usually tied back in a short pony tail with a blue string.Sege wears an orange shirt, either a button down or a sleeveless henley, olive drab pants, and usually a tan flat cap.

He was originally a Pathfinder/D&D character and had the robotic hand, but as a normal day to day character I tend to draw him without it because it was annoying to draw, and now the version with it has pretty much become a completly separate character.